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janet napolitano for her work as secretary of homeland security. napolitano announced friday she'll be stepping down from the position in about six weeks to take over as president of the university of california system. meanwhile, former florida governor jeb bush and florida senator, marco rubio, will be speaking today at the annual maverick pac three-day conference in miami. the organization's goal is to engage young republicans in the political process. and in orlando, the naacp kicks off its 104th national convention today. it runs through wednesday. >>> let's get you some weather. where the weekend is kicking off right now. and we get some wet starts for some parts of the country. the southeast, residents there are dealing with remnants of tropical storm chantal. this is the scene in north carolina, where heavy downpours there have caused severe flooding. in arizona, you could say the opposite problem there. no rain, but a huge dust storm, quite a picture there. and let's go right to dylan dreyer for the weather across the country. dylan, a day of opposites, i guess. >> yes,
explosive day, literally, in court yesterday. judge napolitano joins us live to tell us whether or not he's ever heard such language in any of his courts. that's up next here on "happening now." >> yes, i've heard such language. jon: he was one of the nation's most wanted fugitives. 83-year-old james "whitey" bulger, the alleged former leader of boston's irish mafia, also the winter hill gang. he was captured back in 2011 after nearly two decades on the run. he's now currently on trial for a long list of crimes including 19 killings. judge andrew napolitano, a fox news senior judicial analyst, is with us, and i guess there were some fireworks in court yesterday. a guy that he hadn't laid eyes on in something like 16 years, kevin weekes -- >> right. jon: a former enforcer or heavy for his gang is testifying in court, and, well, referred to bulger as a rat. that brought all kinds of fireworks. >> yeah. the government contends, and it's in the process of proving its case and, candidly, the evidence of guilt is overwhelming, but the government contends this man was an enforcer for mr. bulger.
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of the country. judge andrew napolitano, judicial analyst. one reason we bring this up, some members of congress they might pursue this. they believe they signed this into law. the president, it's his duty to implement it. >> this is a murky area of the law. presidents since thomas jefferson have said publicly, there are parts of the law i disagree with, i think are unconstitutional, i'll not enforce it. it's hard for the president to believe he disagrees this is unconstitutional since this is the seenter piece of his presidency. this is basically the part of obama-care that says to all entities that employ 50 or more people you shall make available health care and it shall have these services from the months beginning after december 31st 2013 or january 1st '14. why would he delay it by a year or can he? you can speculate. maybe he doesn't want it to kick in before the congressional elections in 2014 because he knows it's likely to raise insurance premium and deny people the affordable health care he once had. can he do it? well, he's not supposed to do it and he's taken an oath to uphold all t
napolitano all attended the memorial. can you imagine the emotional anguish survivors guilt they call it that that young man must go through. probably for the rest of his life. martha: your heartbreaks for him and it's incredible that he had the strength to stand up there and speak at that very moving event and all of those families and to thank his own family for their support. you pray for him and hope he pulls through. he's been tested in a way most people never will. gregg: all of the spouse and children who now don't have their parents. martha: the defense is set to wrap today in the case of the george zimmerman murder trial. but will zimmerman take the stand in his own defense? that question is still out there. should he? we'll talk to our legal panel on this. but first take a look at this. gregg: activists in texas unable to stop that controversial abortion bill from clearing its first major hurdle. just ahead we'll take a look at the legislation that may make it to the governor's desk. martha: how about this. the move to protect the site of the lunar landing. could the country
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Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)